The Artist

I love Art!!  It has been an integral part of my life since I could appreciate the wonder of seeing. Although I work primarily as an enamelist and oil painter, I create in a variety of media because there are so many different ways to express God’s gift of sight, color and texture. To try to capture a moment or a mood and put it on canvas or paper, metal or clay—whatever best suits the image I am trying to convey—is a journey in and of itself. Because my husband served in the military, I have been privileged to live and exhibit around the world, and to have shown and sold in exhibits almost yearly for the past 30 years.

As an art teacher for many years, I learned to encompass and accept all types of art styles. I love sharing my knowledge and enthusiasm of art with others, because I have seen it dying for the sake of other pursuits in the lives of so many of our youth. Thus, I have a passion to tutor, teach, and perpetuate the pursuit of art!

In May of 2003 I lost the sight in my left eye, partial vision in my right, and my world changed forever. Although permanently visually impaired, I am learning to work through the frustration of taking longer to create my work. People always ask artists how long it takes to create a particular piece, and I once heard an artist answer “It took all of my life.” Truly, each piece of art I create is a culmination of a life-time of my experience, my training, my knowledge and my intuition, but above all, it is a gift and a blessing from the true Creator. Art is a creative expression of life, and I try to make mine speak to the Glory of God.

Please visit my Portfolio to view a selection of my work, and my Exhibits & Résumé  page to see a listing of shows and my professional biography.