How do I use your website?

frustrated computer2  Each of my headings has a drop-down menu, with sub-menus.  The heading itself IS a category, the same with each of the sub-menus:  i.e. if you hover and click on About the Artist, that is where you will find out about me, but the drop-down arrow lists my Exhibits and Shows, as well as (don’t ask why) my Artwork for Sale Gallery.  If you hover over Blog , it will take you to the blog page, Then, because I truly am technically challenged (give me time…I’m retrieving the computer from the back yard after throwing it there), go into the Gift Gallery, a new category that I am in the process of refining.  Contact me to purchase something. That’s it!

     Navigating this—or any—website can sometimes be frustrating.  All you want to do is browse, possibly find a few items, check out prices, rates, MAYBE purchase something (I can hope!!), …whatever.  The LAST thing you want to do is try to figure out how to get around a website or waste a bunch of time figuring it out.  I had help with the original design of this site—the rest has been up to me. Although I’ve always prided myself on being savvy on the whole computer thing, this “behind-the-scenes” website stuff, I must confess, is a lesson on sheer patience.  Strike that.  It is an exercise of sheer frustration.  So bear with me.  For every post you see, there have been hours of wanting to throw my computer out the window.  I’m an artist for a reason!!

I teach art classes, run a ranch, take part in raising my grandchildren, and try, really try, to be an artist.  Suddenly I’m supposed to be a computer whiz also.  Due to technical difficulties (ahem, read the part about me being an artist), it sometimes takes me a while to get my artwork and Price Lists linked together.  Until then, don’t hesitate to contact me if you have a question—I promise, I’m friendly.  Not very good with a website, but friendly.  I am still working with a learning curve that keeps leaping out from under me.  And if you see something you like, by all means, let me know!  Even if you don’t want to purchase something, a positive comment here and there is always nice.

Lastly, thank you so much for taking the time to visit my site, to look at my artwork, and tolerate the glitches as I struggle to find my place in this world of cyberspace.     ~Karalee Norris, Artist



How do I purchase something?

Contact me! Currently I take PayPal, and the cost of shipping and handling is calculated on an individual basis due to the variety in sizes, weight, and type of material with which I work. Sales tax is based on the Vacaville, California rate (Solano County). I ship via UPS and custom-pack every piece very carefully. Still, I do recommend insurance, but those details are worked out at the time of purchase and I only charge what it costs to pack, send and insure.

If you want to commission me to do a custom piece (see the Rates and Services page), I need a MINIMUM of two weeks for graphite, and at least three for colored pencil.  Other media such as oil painting, enamel, pastel, etc. take a little longer.  That’s once I have the photograph in hand, so please allow more lead time if we need to take photographs or there’s a lot of compositional work to be done.

I try to be as easy to work with as possible, and e-mailing me through my website is the best way to contact me.  Fill out the contact form under the “Contact Us” section (don’t forget to do the math section so the form will submit), and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


How do I sign up for classes?

There are a couple of different ways. During the spring and fall, I teach classes through the Vacaville Community Center. If you go to the drop-down menu under Blogs>Events, you will find a calendar that lists the classes and the dates, as well as a link to the Community Center Registration page. There is also a side-bar on most of my pages that lists upcoming classes (if there are any). You can click on those as well.

If you are interested in Private or Group Lessons, please see the Rates and Services page for the cost of lessons listed at the bottom, and then contact me to set up dates and times.  By the way, I often run special and group discounts not listed, so if you contact me, there are often special deals available.